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"A Running Club for Regulars"

Cuppers Running Club Logo over an image of Collin running down the alley next to our shop

Not quite sure which New Years resolution to pursue? Start this decade off the right way with a fresh running shirt and some weekly miles! @cuppers_rc is a running club with a little something for everyone. 


About the Club

Why the name Cuppers? When Collin was a young one, his Dad showed him a movie called Breaking Away. It's a film about recent high school graduates from the Midwest who start a cycling team in order to compete in a bike race against the local college kids. They named their team "CUTTERS" which is a reference to the stone quarry where many of the locals, for several generations go to work cutting stone instead of going to college. It's an inspiring film about underdogs who push themselves to accomplish something great. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's a must-see for the whole family. 

In the coffee world, the term "Cupping" means to evaluate coffee by taking a sip and noting its good qualities as well as areas where improvement could be made. With the new year upon us, now's the time to evaluate your life's cup of coffee and get those miles in. We've got the fuel you need, all you gotta do is show up!

Why do you join a running club? It builds community and helps with motivation!  Not to mention you’ll become a better runner! Also, you get to look cool in your Cuppers shirt, with your new crew!

What do I get when I become a Cupper? Joining the weekly runs are always free, but for only $20/year you get a super sweet Cuppers RC Member Card (good for discounts at Coffee Beer) and a Cuppers RC athletic running shirt!

Cuppers Running Club Shirt


Wanna know more?

Contact our very own, and original Cupper, Collin for more info on how to join!
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